Menahem Halberstadt is an experienced artist, illustrator and curator. 

With several exhibitions (solo and joint) under his belt, and as a fellow of the Israeli Artists Institute, Menahem is also recognized as a curator for other artists.

His extraordinary ability to produce art in different styles and an innate talent for interpreting and augmenting the written word visually means that Menahem is sought after in the field. A well-rounded Bible and philosophy scholar, Menahem approaches his projects with intelligence and sensitivity, and while steeped in Jewish values, his art is also an amalgamation of his wry sense of humor and attention to detail.

This in turn means that his art is infinitely and elegantly accessible to all. In addition to his talents as an illustrator, Menahem is a published poet, well versed in talking about his art and creations.


Solo Exhibition

2018 “Watershed.” Mixed media. Outline Festival, Jerusalem. Curated by artist Leonid Balaklav.

 Group Exhibitions

2016  “Outline,” a body of work inspired by the spoken word. Hansen House, Jerusalem. Curated by Noa Kelner and Yaniv Torem.

2016  “Storytelling City,” a giant billboard as part of Jerusalem’s city-wide project publishing stories and illustrations around the city.

2014  “The Illustrated Version.” Eretz Yisrael Museum, Tel Aviv. Curated by Yuval Saar.

2014  “I’m From Around Here,” a sense of place in Israeli children’s literature. Bet Ariella, Tel Aviv. Curated by Leora Grossman.



Curation: Exhibition & Catalogue:

2018  “Aesthetics of the Nearby.” Paintings and drawings by Leonid Balaklav. Bet Avi Chai, Jerusalem.

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